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Monday, February 20, 2006

And we drove home from the snow

About twenty minutes after we started playing in the snow, it starting snowing hard. Really hard. Hard like, umm, did we bring chains, we're so stupid, hard.

We get out of the snow in about 30 minutes and decide to take the "scenic" route home. On the map, it's a normal line for a named road. We don't stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Rock River Road, might not be a great idea.

We drive for a while, it's gorgeous.

Then the road gets narrower.

And yes, turns to a dirt road. As the gas light goes on.

We decide that we don't have enough gas to go back, so onward ho.

There's a very cool bridge, and a covered bridge.

And it all ends well. There was a gas station about 10 miles past the covered bridge. We've since learned a bit about preparing for a last minute trip to the snow. Next time, we bring cash and gas, as well as snacks, clothes, blankets and drinks. Oh, and chains.

So we drove to the snow

It was a beautiful drive, as you can see. We thought we'd drive to Sonora, then to the nearest snow from there. It snowed while we were eating lunch in Sonora. Sarah asked a woman who had driven in and parked if she could get some snow off her car. Of course, the nice lady said yes. And of course, Sarah immediately ate the car snow. EWW.

Here she is assaulting us with snowballs.

I can't believe how gorgeous she is. We were hiking (walking four feet into the woods) to find out how much snow we could get to fall on ourselves if we pulled the branches.

My beautiful little family. Notice the tongue sticking out on the child.

My favorite picture of her, catching snowflakes on her tongue. The flakes were the fat fairylike flakes that seem to defy gravity and swirl all around you.

Now, for the drive home. Next post.

Friday, February 17, 2006


This is the first pic I've succeeded in posting. Woohoo.
And yes, she'll kick your ass, watch out buddy.

Da Bunny

Oreo was orphaned this weekend. No one wanted him. So guess which sucker ended up with a wire rabbit cage smashed in the backseat of her new car? Yes, of course moi. Do I not have a sign on my forehead that says, "Hi I'm a big sucker for any furry little suckass that wants to come stay at my house"?
Sarah and I went bike riding yesterday, just around the block. While we were getting ready, I had the garage door open. Apparently another cute furry little being decided to come take a look at our house. We got back from our bike ride and put the bikes up, came inside and heard, "mrrrraaaaaaaoooowww". WTF?? I don't have a cat.
Closer inspection reveals a cat behind our couch. HAHAHA, that cat was freaked. Sarah thought it was pretty funny.

Sarah says Hi:

She's very precocious, ass three times.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's going on

Let's see, we've got a school ice cream social coming up. Hoorah for blatant money grubbing. It's for a good cause I swear.
I'm the kitchen manager LOL. Turns out that they've booked another event for the same time as our event. We're going to be sharing a kitchen. Ah well, at least ice cream requires no cooking.

We had Oreo the school rabbit for the long weekend. Man that bunny can poop a lot. A whole lot. And I think he kicks his poo at you. Just like poo flinging orangutans.

Went to the catholic church for the first pre-cana investigation/interrogation/what you wanna marry a nice catholic boy for meeting. Turns out I have to fill out all sorts of paperwork and send it to a tribunal to "agree to allow" us to marry. WTF?? Umm, we're adults, god loves us all just fine, let's all just get married and forget about it. Needless to say my feathers were ruffled, my ire was up and I was not in a very happy mood. Two vodkas later life looked a little rosier.
I think Vegas is a great option. Have a nice ceremony, then a HUGE party here later. Works for me.

Becky, John and Ty came to visit. Not just to see us, but it was great nonetheless. We had some serious fun playing tourist in our own hometown. Man the W hotel, it's the shit. I felt like a bumpkin just sitting in the lobby, like the cool police were going to come kick us out. see http://ryanagi.blogspot.com for all the pics. And yes, my daughter is gorgeous. Supermodel gorgeous. I'm going to lock her up from 12 till 30. Then they can come pry my dead hands from her chastity belt.
We had a great time though, the kids are cute, the company fabulous, and minigolf is my new favorite pasttime.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


We have spent the last few days visiting with Becky, John and Tyler in San Francisco. What an awesome time. Sunday we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. I'll have to load the pics to show them. The kids were both exhausted. S arah was fighting off a cold and Tyler was jetlagged. So they were being grumpy, but we had a great time.
Sunday night Frank had to head home for work in the morning, so Sarah and I drove back to the valley and spent the night at home. We overslept of course and didn't get back into SF till 11:20 instead of the 10 I'd promised. Becky and John stayed at W hotel which is just amazingly gorgeous. I want to go back and just pick up little decorating ideas. Monday we headed to the carousel at Zeum (Zeum was closed unfortunately) and played for hours at the park there. I'm sure Becky got some pic of my silly ass sliding down the two story slides with Sarah. Had lunch at Mo's and gorged on way too much red meat MMMMM.
Then we all had to head home early to miss the traffic. We still hit some at the Bay Bridge and in Walnut Creek and Livermore (of course). I hope the Yanagi's had better luck, although I doubt it. Today we're going to meet up in Roseville for mini golf, then Thursday I get to play hostess!!
Yippeee, I love having friends visit.
Ya hear that Joanne? Kim? Shari? The West Coast beckons,