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Friday, February 17, 2006

Da Bunny

Oreo was orphaned this weekend. No one wanted him. So guess which sucker ended up with a wire rabbit cage smashed in the backseat of her new car? Yes, of course moi. Do I not have a sign on my forehead that says, "Hi I'm a big sucker for any furry little suckass that wants to come stay at my house"?
Sarah and I went bike riding yesterday, just around the block. While we were getting ready, I had the garage door open. Apparently another cute furry little being decided to come take a look at our house. We got back from our bike ride and put the bikes up, came inside and heard, "mrrrraaaaaaaoooowww". WTF?? I don't have a cat.
Closer inspection reveals a cat behind our couch. HAHAHA, that cat was freaked. Sarah thought it was pretty funny.

Sarah says Hi:

She's very precocious, ass three times.


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