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Monday, February 20, 2006

And we drove home from the snow

About twenty minutes after we started playing in the snow, it starting snowing hard. Really hard. Hard like, umm, did we bring chains, we're so stupid, hard.

We get out of the snow in about 30 minutes and decide to take the "scenic" route home. On the map, it's a normal line for a named road. We don't stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Rock River Road, might not be a great idea.

We drive for a while, it's gorgeous.

Then the road gets narrower.

And yes, turns to a dirt road. As the gas light goes on.

We decide that we don't have enough gas to go back, so onward ho.

There's a very cool bridge, and a covered bridge.

And it all ends well. There was a gas station about 10 miles past the covered bridge. We've since learned a bit about preparing for a last minute trip to the snow. Next time, we bring cash and gas, as well as snacks, clothes, blankets and drinks. Oh, and chains.


At 10:16 AM, February 23, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

LOL! All's well that ends well. There is something to be said for spontaneous, unprepared, excitement. ;-)


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