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Monday, September 04, 2006

Vacation? What's that?

I think being self employed is a very deceptive thing. I work more now than I have ever worked before. It's good, but it's very very difficult when it comes to holiday weekends. Frank and Sarah had their own ideas about what we were doing this weekend than I did. I got my office put together, somewhat. I still need to adjust the shelves and put everything away in the right places. Here's the photo series of how my office came to be:
After the horrid blue shag carpet was pulled up.

The new floor.
My new work station. The butcher block counter top was an "as-is" score at Ikea.

Corner shelves to make use of every single inch of this 9x9 room.
Messy corner that has the serger and table. The straight stitch machine is right next to is.

So my office is now usable. I even took pics on the worktable this evening. I've gotten both work machines going. I bought a new bobbin casing and bobbins for the straight stitch but one of the bobbins is wonky. I thought it was me at first, but finally realized, no you're doing everything right, the bobbin doesn't fit in the darn casing. @@ Oh well, everything else works fabulously. I was testing out the machine and started sewing a piece of fabric then doubling it over. I got to 32 layers of fabric before I couldn't fold anymore. The machine was doing just fine, it just had a slight lower pitch while sewing. This thing sews like it's a ferrari, it's great. Same with the serger, it's like going from a Honda to a Ferrari. I did break one needle though, I was trying to sew through canvas and then a nylon webbing strap. I knew I should change needles, but just thought, oh I'll try this. Wrong. Of course the needle breaks on the first stitch. Now time to order more needles to keep a good assortment around.

I donated a carrier to thebabywearer.com raffle a few months ago. I'm up finally, which is awesome. I just forgot to update the site well LOL. I did a quick job tonight, but I will go back and work more on it tomorrow. At least a lot of the fabrics are up now, even if it's a bit wonky.

We went on a picnic today, up at Knight's Ferry. They have some interesting historic buildings and a covered bridge over the Stanislaus River. It was hot, but not awful. On our way out we decided to do a bit of exploring and found this:
A cemetary.
with really cool headstones from the 1800's
this one says "Our Baby" Missing the u, it fell. There was no date, but I'd guess it was late 1800's early 1900's by the style.
This is a mother statue that was broken inside. You can see the u and the top of the statue.

It was wonderful and sobering and awesome to be in the old cemetary.

On the drive out we saw these two:

a camel and a zebra. Who knew?


At 9:03 AM, September 06, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

Office is looking good! And I love old cemeteries. The baby's grave is just amazing.


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