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Thursday, July 06, 2006

4th of No-Buy

So I busted my ass for this booth. I have been going to this fair as a watcher for years and thought, "A shining rainbow of commercial bliss will shine down on my booth like coins raining from heaven." Instead, there were very few people comparatively, very few babies, and still fewer parents who were willing to try something "new".

I did make my booth fee, plus some. I did much better than a lot of vendors there. There were LOTS of disappointed people with lots of leftover merchandise. I, however was situated across from the Figure-8 Hairclip booth, the handmade jewelry booth and next to the french tablecloth booth. All three of those did ROCKING business. Thousands and thousands of dollars. Heck, I even bought a clip, finally one that holds my hair!

So although I did OK, I didn't do great. I'm such a perfectionist that anything less than excellence irks me. I have one custom order and the possibility of adding my stuff to a store though. I guess I shouldn't bitch too much. Total # of sales, about 6.

Here's a better pic of the puppet theaters, they were a big hit. Everyone who walked by said, oh look, what a great idea.

A very cool mom with her 3 month old "Dean-O" in a mei tai. She and her hubby were super cool. Frank and I were thinking we should invite them over to hang out.

Me with a wrap on front with a bear in it and Sarah on back in a mei tai.

In other news, we're headed to Monterey and Carmel for a wedding this weekend. We're hitting the aquarium tomorrow and then heading down to Carmel for the wedding Saturday. Sarah looks like a fairy in her dress. I was going to hem it so it's tea length, but my sewing machine decided to give up the ghost on Monday after sewing vast quantities of slings. It's the only one that has a rolled hem foot (out of 4 machines under one roof, wouldn't you know) so I can't really hem the darn thing without it. She'll just be a floor length kind of kid.


At 2:08 PM, July 07, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

I gotta tell you...I'm surprised! The puppet theater is a HUGE hit here. Tyler puts on at least one show every day. He has been so excited about it that I broke down and we went shopping online for more puppets. As soon as they arrive, I will take photos and a little video for you. Oh! You might be interested...I got a dozen puppets from Oriental Trading Company for $14.95. A steal, in my book.


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