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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Eggs on a sidewalk

I thought about showing Sarah how an egg would cook on the sidewalk, but, well it's TOO hot to try. Right now, it's about 106. It feels cooler than it has been though. I think the high Sunday was 115. We've now hit 10 days of temperatures over 100F. I did not sign up for this weather. Frank apologized for the weather, as if it were his fault. I know it's not normal for it to be this hot, this long. I just hope that we haven't screwed up the climate so much so that this is now the norm.

The heat is so bad now that I think it's actually unhealthy to be out in it.

Good news on the home front however, the contractor has started work. He'll have a crew there all week and then testing can happen on Monday. We leave for Portland on Wednesday and the babywearing conference starts Thursday.

I'm disappointed that instead of sewing my heart out making all the awesome showpiece carriers I can, I'm stuck in a hotel with a faulty sewing machine and one in the shop. I'd really like to head up there with some great silks, brocades and the best of the best instead of just the regular.

Ah well, that's life and I just need to try not to stress.

Here's the adventures of motel bound Sarah. Frank's shirt as a cape, and Barney undies on her head. At least she's doing great.

We're on our way to Fresno tomorrow to visit my Granny. The stroke seems to just have affected her speech centers. She's able to understand language, but not produce accurately. Speech therapy and time should help.


At 5:29 PM, July 26, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

Ack what a bummer to have the machines crap out like that. Too bad there isn't someplace you can go to borrow a machine. I remember, back in the day, the Singer store in the mall near our home would allow you to come in and try out the machines. They had sewing classes there too (and I took one). I wonder if there are any Singer stores left. Hope you get back in the house soon and good luck at the convention!


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