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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things I've learned

Things I've learned from living in a hotel with a small child.

You can make instant oatmeal, noodles and rice with the small coffeepot worth of water.

Bouncing on the bed is never as fun as jumping from bed to bed.

It's impossible to sew at night without waking said small child up.

Running through the hotel sprinklers is much more fun than the sprinklers at home.

People having sex in the room above us can be easily explained by saying, "Oh, someone else enjoys jumping on the bed too."

Going out to eat gets old on about the 3rd day.

Homecooked meals seem a luxury and if someone shows up with a meal, they've gained instant good karma.

Two sewing machines and a computer cannot share the same table at the same time.

Heat over 110F will kill most of the flies, making your stay near the dairy and sewage treatment plant oh so much more bearable.

A remote control can be used to control a small child. Just tell her it works and then describe the channel you've just pressed. ie, Ok, channel 55 the flop on your back like a dead bug channel. or Channel 78 the pretend to ride your bicycle up and down hills channel.

Teaching a small child swear words in Portuguese is funny until your Portuguese future MIL comes for dinner and child calls her a butt head or underwear face in perfect Portuguese with an Azores accent.

And now we get to pack for our REAL vacation/conference. We'll be in Portland from the 3-9 of August. I'm expecting better internet access up there, so hopefully I'll be a bit more communicative.

I'm sewing like a maniac and almost finished with my "wish" list of things to bring. I hope I make a good impression. I'm starting to feel like all the other companies there will be bigger, more legitimate, more "real".

Also, should I buy some of this fabric? I think it's adorable, but not sure what others think.


At 5:09 PM, July 30, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

Sock monkey! Cute, but maybe for blankets and not so much for slings. You've been so quiet lately! Glad to see a post from you.


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