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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This is Sarah at Mamaspalooza on Saturday. Note the new T-ball uniform. :)
Sarah and I loaded up 400 lbs of free compost at our city yard on Monday. I even got it all into the front beds that afternoon. I'm trying to convert our horrendous desert soil into something that resembles fertility.

She was such a help shoveling, we backed the truck up to the pile and dropped the tailgate. She brought her little red plastic shovel, I had a big one. She spent the whole time sliding down the compost pile into the truck and I shoveled. All in all a very dirty but fun adventure.

I need to go pick up another load, but probably not till next week. I found a bunch of plants on the distressed table at the hardware store. I put a bunch in, but need to put in the zucchini, herbs, butternut squash and other random stuff. I did more dahlias in the front, and found 3 bareroot roses for 3 dollars each. I put those under the front windows and laid out weed barrier paper to try and kill the weed patch that has grown in since my bulbs stopped blooming.

I'm trying to decide if I will join the school board of the preschool next year. I know I'd be elected, there just isn't enough interest from other people, I'm sure we'll have vacant spots. I don't know if I want all that work even though it would be really fun.


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