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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ramping up for the weekend

I made 27 baby wraps yesterday. Today I have 16 ring slings to finish, as well as all the signage for the booth. I have most of the prep work done, just need to finish the outside seams and put tags and rings on the slings. I'm hoping to show up at the event with over 50 carriers plus loveys.
I'm doing a contest at the event, if someone tries on one of our carriers and let's me take pics, I'll find the best pics and use them on the website. If I use the pic on the website, that person gets a free carrier. I hope it works.
The weather cooled off somewhat so I'm hopeful that it will only be about 80 on Saturday instead of the 90 it was earlier this week. I know it's not THAT hot, but I'm not a hot weather person. Sarah has been enjoying it a lot. We even went swimming in our pool on Tuesday. If the pool is already this warm, I think we might need to cool it off somehow later in the summer.
I've put in tomatoes, artichokes, rosemary and strawberries in the back yard so far. I need to get a bunch of compost and amend the beds, our soil is pretty awful. I don't know what will grow right now. I'm hoping for a few successes. The city offers free compost though, all I have to do is take the truck over there and load up. Probably won't happen till next week though.
In the front I'm struggling with what to put in to cover the space where the bulbs are. I'm thinking some sort of reseeding annuals with perennial bushes behind.
The snails are awful, they've already eaten two dahlias. I'm hoping the dahlias will resprout, they are my favorite flower.
I have put out Sluggo (the only snail bait I've found that is "somewhat" safe around kidlets) but it doesn't seem to be working.
Sarah started swim lessons on Tuesday. She has been asking when we go back since we left the YMCA. I guess she likes it LOL.
She also has her first T-Ball game on Saturday. I'm going to have to miss her first game as it's the same time as I need to set up for Mamaspalooza. Frank promises to take lots of pictures. I guess this is what motherhood is about, knowing that you'll miss things and being ok with it. Sarah is fine with Saturday being a "super fun frank and sarah day". I'm so lucky she loves him that much.


At 12:07 PM, May 04, 2006, Blogger Shari said...

mamaspalooza sounds awesome. I swear I live in the most UnCrunchy part of the US, lol! Good luck with your booth. I can't wait to see pics of Sarah's first game. I bet she will be cute as a button.


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