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Monday, April 03, 2006

Dad on Strike

What the heck is this guy thinking? http://www.husbandonstrike.com in case you're wondering. I've been reading and commenting on some blogs where this is a hot topic and well, what the heck?
Man upset because wife has baby and kid in bed, baby sleeps best with mom. Two year old takes a pacifier to sleep. Man wants dates out without kids (ok, I see that lol, but maybe not early postpartum, if I was still bleeding I did NOT want to go to Chez FrouFrou)
Man can't handle those things, says wife muse=t listen to his "begging and pleading" and change how she's doing things. Until then, he's on strike. Goes on Geraldo Rivera show (OMG GERALDO).
I feel like I'm just sputtering, what a mess their relationship must be, what an attention seeking ass he is, where is the mom in this and what does she have to say, what do they say when the two year old wants daddy to come down from the roof?


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