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Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am thankful for:

The fact that even though my daughter is 300 miles away, she is surrounded by people who love and enjoy her.

That I will be spending the day with my fiance and driving to be with another dear friend.

Good work.

Good school for Sarah.

Good job for Frank.

That my fiance is my best friend.

That we have enough.

That Sarah will get what she wants for her birthday and Christmas (walkie talkies! an RC car! a Polly Pocket!)

That Sarah WANTS techno gadgets before the typical pink princess stuff.

That my family is well and happy.

That my kitties are running around crazy and I love it.

That we have a fireplace, even if the oven is broken at the moment.

That I have good friends.

I've got to figure out a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday for my family. Our oven broke last week and the part won't be in till early next week. Ergo, no baking anything. What we've come up with is this:

appetizers, veggies, bread, dip


Soups, chicken noodle and squash bisque

Stovetop veggie dish of some sort (mom is bringing a casserole)

Storebought roasted chickens (easy eh?? and yummy?? and did we say easy already??)

Sweet potato pie brought by my SIL

Chocolate chip cookies cooked in the toaster oven for whoever wants them.

Smores in the fireplace.

A good time will be had by all.


At 8:20 PM, November 23, 2006, Blogger Shari said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

At 12:26 PM, November 27, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

When the oven breaks, that's a good time to dredge out the crock pot or the fondue set. Mmm, fondue!


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